What We Do

A multi-disciplinary practise approach, centred on client needs

Insight Group has the breadth and depth to provide you with an integral range of services and product offerings.

Businesses of any size have a broad range of people management and employment issues to deal with. Our people.je business has the experience to handle most situations with a pricing scale to suit your company’s stage of development.

For SME clients we have a privileged relationship with Infuse’s Pinpoint careers portal and collaborative recruitment application. Pinpoint offers both out-of-the-box self-service as well as a combined managed recruitment solution with people.je.

Our range of services and product offerings.

Employment Services

Employment Services for Jersey Businesses

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Data Benchmarking

Benchmarking Insights for Competitive Advantage

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Social Responsibility

Business Ethics to Make a Difference

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HR Technology

HR Software for Companies Where People Matter

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Recruitment Technology

Attract top talent and make applying a breeze

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Innovation Services

Innovation and Breakthrough Management

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Setting the Standard for Business Ethics in Jersey

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Human Results

helping you take HR to the next level

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Buy books written, or co-written, by members of the team

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Infinity Learning

unleashing the power of conversation in your business.

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Jersey Works




A growing business should be able to collect, administer and efficiently utilise employee data.

This is why we work with BreatheHR, who provide a leading-edge cloud based HR system. This is also offered as a self-service or managed-service option.

We know that driving profitably requires both robust data and the ability to make solid comparisons between market benchmarks.  HR Nectar is a next generation data benchmarking application geared to the specific needs of offshore finance businesses.

Beyond scale itself, growth is also about expanding your reputation and wider impact.

Our ValueMetrix business has expertise in both measuring and improving the reputational and social outcomes of your company. This is why we are also partners with the Jersey Good Business Charter.

Working with Think.je as a ideation partner, is ideal for those businesses who understand that ongoing success requires a continuous evaluation of its current assumptions and practices. Through our innovative approach we help clients generate and implement more impactful ideas to help them drive business and increase employee performance.