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The Insight Group advises corporate and institutional clients on the human aspects of business from our offices in the heart of St Helier.

Our clients value the fact that we are easy to work with and meticulous about getting the details just right. We turn our in-depth expertise into business-ready people solutions.

We advise. We coach. We facilitate. We train. We write. We deliver.

Clients consider us an essential partner in their growth and development.

What We Do

Boards rely upon us for our expert advice in the face of the exponential pace of change and the challenge of dealing with urgent and critical issues.

When we work with the leaders of a business we don’t just provide a solution to the present issue. We help the business to evolve its thinking and awareness to the next level, building capability for the business to be more successful.

Our client list covers most local business sectors, such as finance, tech, retail, hospitality, construction, government, charities and the service economy.

Our Approach


Insight Group has many award winning professionals


Degrees in Law
Degrees in Psychology
Degrees in Business
Masters Qualifications

We have decades of relevant expertise in every specialism a growing business requires to make a critical difference.

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Remedial and Generative Change

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Whether you are in an established institution or an entrepreneurial start-up, we exist to grow your business operationally, while you grow your client book and product set.

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