Business Ethics to Make a Difference

ValueMetrix is a Jersey based CSR consultancy working with local firms to celebrate and enhance the value and impact of their CSR programmes.

We believe that businesses have enormous potential to positively impact the world around them and we work with companies to help them do so in measurable, exciting and meaningful ways.

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Core to our approach are our beliefs about what constitutes good and transformative CSR:

  • We believe that CSR is not about feel-good campaigns but about real, tangible and measurable results and impact
  • We believe that good CSR is built on strong, positive relationships and connections with our community
  • We believe that CSR is a key responsibility of the top management team
  • We believe that CSR involves harnessing the expertise and skill available within businesses and their networks
  • CSR is at its best when it helps people in Jersey businesses to make a meaningful contribution through connecting the passions, skills and resources of the business and employees with the needs of the societies in which they operate.